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Lisk Relaunch Event To Unveil New Wallet, Brand Identity And More

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Despite being in its infancy, 2018 will see yet another major player in the cryptocurrency space conduct a relaunch. Tonight’s instalment comes courtesy of Lisk (LSK), the JavaScript-based platform that allows developers to deploy and develop custom blockchains and decentralised applications (dApps). The Lisk Relaunch Event will take place in front of a fully booked crowd in Berlin on Tuesday night, and will be streamed live on Lisk’s official YouTube channel from 20:30 CET.

The substance of relaunches varies significantly in the realm of cryptocurrency. The hyped up events too often leave community members underwhelmed; having witnessed nothing more than a name change coupled with a revamped logo.

Fortunately for followers of Lisk, tonight’s much-anticipated relaunch looks set to justify the hype. Such high expectations have resulted mostly from the impressive calibre of firms that Lisk has collaborated with as part of the monumental relaunch project. Indeed, the external contractors that Lisk has called upon are Rlevance (for strategy), Taikonauten (for design), and Expand Online (for marketing).

Given the collective experience of these talented firms, who have worked with the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft, many have suspected that Lisk will augment tonight’s breakthrough unveilings by launching a major marketing campaign. This would appear an apt business strategy given the significance of the event, which the team has described as “a major milestone in Lisk’s marketing and development roadmap.”

Whilst just one of many items on a stacked agenda, it is clear that the new Lisk Wallet looms as the star of the show, with the team having already revealed that it was “completely built from scratch with a totally new user experience and user interface designs.” Other notable announcements that Lisk has foreshadowed include an updated and improved Lisk platform, frontend design, and dashboard.

Ever since launching their network almost two years ago, the leaders of Lisk have considered a rebranding exercise as part of the plan, having long featured in their inaugural development roadmap as a milestone of their “biggest phase of all,” that being the second of five roadmap chapters.

The announcement of Tuesday’s relaunch event was made late last November, and although the Lisk team was excited, investors were anything but. The cryptocurrency market punished Lisk severely in the hours thereafter, with the price of LSK diving some 20 percent. Indeed, the community had been led to believe that the rebrand would occur prior to the year’s end.

The Lisk Relaunch Event comes at a time when a host of other cryptocurrencies are doing the same, including the much-anticipated rebrand of another top twenty crypto asset (by market cap) in VeChain. This will signal the end to a busy February month, which started with an overhaul of yet another prominent digital coin, Nano (formerly known as RaiBlocks).

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