The Litecoin Foundation have announced a new initiative aimed at accelerating Litecoin’s integration into the mainstream economy. Suggesting that “it’s time to let your customers #paywithlitecoin” the foundation has launched a new website,, especially aimed at the business community.

The site explains how Litecoin works, and its benefits, to an audience which may have heard of cryptocurrency but have no clear idea of how it might be of use in their businesses.

New Global Payments Standard?

According to the foundation, Litecoin, with its quick confirmation times and low transaction costs, is becoming “the new global payments standard for consumers and businesses worldwide.” It also reassures merchants that costs are likely lower than they thought. Integration is free, and “payment processing fees are far less than those incurred by credit cards and other forms of payment.

As Litecoin founder Charlie Lee says, not only is this a useful one-stop-shop for businesses already interested in cryptocurrency, it also gives the community a valuable resource when trying to persuade companies into accepting the digital currency. “Next time someone asks you how they can accept LTC,” he said, “refer them to”

The initiative has gone down well with the Litecoin community, who welcomed its simplicity and focus. One member suggested that this kind of outreach work was “just the type of the the LTC foundation should be promoting.

Even so, there was some disquiet over the site’s .co domain, with many predicting that users will “99\% of the time will write com.” Litecoin developer “losh11” agreed, but revealed that the .com version had already been “taken by a domain squatter.”

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