Litecoin’s Charlie Lee weighs in on Verge (XVG) hack, and Verge isn’t impressed.

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Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has found fame outside of LTC-adopters and investors due to his availability on Twitter and willingness to talk about issues facing the broader cryptocurrency community.

However, one group is less impressed with Lee, and suggest that he should stick to Litecoin and mind his own business.

Commenting on the most recent Verge hack, Lee tweeted that, “someone has 51% attacked and taken over the Verge network again,” adding that, “PornHub transactions are being reversed! 😂”

While Lee’s statement might have been true, its tone has caused considerable annoyance within the Verge team and its loyal VergeFam community.

Verge’s official twitter account replied to Lee saying, “Real smart bashing Vergecurrency” who, they say, “is partnered w/ a company that might have an NDA with you.” This appears to refer to TokenPay, who recently announced a debit card deal with Verge, and lately opened conversations with LiteCoin.

Lee responded that he was just commenting on what was happening and was “not bashing Verge”. He mentioned that though the Litecoin Foundation might partner with TokenPay (or even Verge), he would still express the truth as he saw it.

PhanTi of Verge’s core team was also infuriated by Lee’s tweet, saying that he doesn’t understand why Lee comments on Verge issues. “One thing is for sure,” he claimed, they all want to see Verge fail, which makes it even more fun for us to improve day by day.

This is not the first time that Lee has fallen out with the VergeFam. When the MindGeek deal was announced in April, he tweeted that it was time for PornHub to “accept the real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XMR”. He quickly revised his position as he thought he has appeared “a bit too negative” and congratulated the Verge team.  

This was enough to satisfy PhanTi on that occasion, who forgave him and described him as “fair and smart”. With Lee seemingly not inclined to apologise for his latest comments on Verge’s affairs, most of the VergeFam would currently disagree with PhanTi’s assessment.

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