Litecoin’s (LTC) Charlie Lee, Monero’s (XMR) Spagni and other Crypto Giants Respond to Verge-Pornhub Deal

Unsatisfied with contract terms businessman

Yesterday Verge announced that “the biggest deal in cryptocurrency history” had been struck: a partnership with online pornography company MindGeek.

Heavyweights from the world of cryptocurrency immediately weighed in on the deal.

Riccardo Spagni of fellow privacy coin Monero was unimpressed. He suggested that at this point no one is paying for pornography, so the deal will do little for XVG adoption.

In contrast to Verge, the price of Monero’s XMR currency rose considerably yesterday. When asked why, Spagni could only suggest that it was because they hadn’t just announced a partnership with Pornhub.

Podcaster and crypto-trader Peter McCormack was also unimpressed, pointing out that accepting Verge was one thing, but the complexities involved in acquiring and spending it would get in the way of its widespread use.

Doug Polk, an unpopular figure among the VergeFam since his “VERGE: Do NOT Buy Into the Hype” video, posted a new video yesterday parodying lead developer Justin and the reaction of the fiercely loyal VergeFam.

At least one person didn’t get the joke.

However, not everyone was so cynical about the deal. Litecoin’s Charlie Lee walked back his initial cynicism and congratulated the Verge team on the news, a move welcomed by Verge’s PhanTi who called Lee “fair and smart”.

Lee had earlier been trolled by the official PornHub twitter account. After suggesting to Pornhub that they should also accept Litecoin, he was asked hadn’t he sold all his?

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