Max Keiser Bullish On DASH

closeup of dash coins

Max Keiser is an extremely influential figure in the cryptocurrency world, and with good reason.  While there are many individuals in the financial world who have shifted their stance on cryptocurrency, Keiser was consistently bullish on cryptocurrency since the very beginning.  In fact, his show, The Keiser Report, was already covering bitcoin in 2011, recommending the coin as a buy at $3.  He pointed out that the same year, bitcoin dipped below a dollar, so many of his viewers were able to purchase the digital currency, now valued at over $6,000, for under a dollar.

London-based Keiser is a controversial financial journalist, and has railed against bitcoin critics for years now.  Many have criticized the nature of his tweets, as well, as some would call them excessive and unnecessary.  He has even stated that if he was elected the mayor of London, that he would base the entire city’s economy on bitcoin. He has also launched his own cryptocurrency, the Maxcoin, in 2014, a move that divided some in the community, as some believe it was a bit of a money-grab.

Regardless, Keiser was recently interviewed for World Alternative Media, and was asked what coin he would recommend besides bitcoin, and, obviously, Maxcoin.  He first responded that he “tried to stick to bitcoin”. However, he did mention that he believed DASH isn’t getting enough attention.  He pointed out that DASH was actually making concrete progress in Venezuela, currently experiencing a cryptocurrency crisis, and also praised their masternode system, as well.  

He also pointed out that the app and wallet “work great”.  It is important to note that apparently Keiser has done business with DASH, and that they have sponsored a project of his, and helped them raise money.  He also mentioned that Monero is a great project, and praised Riccardo Spagni, otherwise known on Twitter and in cryptocurrency circles as “Fluffy Pony”, as an asset to the cryptocurrency community.

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