has announced a partnership with champion Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Rory MacDonald to create two limited edition “Bitcoin Cash Warrior” t-shirts.

MacDonald used his Instagram feed to post a picture of himself wearing one of the t-shirts, adding that “I have a passion for #BitcoinCash because I believe it is digital money for the world!” He noted that he was “proud” to launch the t-shirts and that they helped to “celebrate my passion for cryptocurrency.

MacDonald is a world champion for the Bellator organisation and widely considered one of the best mixed martial artists in the world at his weight class. He is also well-known for his interest in cryptocurrency, saying thatin 2014 I was introduced to Bitcoin from my coach Firas Zahabi.

That interest has been reciprocated. Back in January he secured a sponsorship with Dash for a reported $250,000.

Dash deal

Jeff Smith, Dash’s head of network operations, is an MMA fan and set up the deal. As he explained to MMA Fighting, each month Dash has a certain amount of funds it can use to promote the currency. Rather than the decision being made at board level, each month “approximately 4,700 people all over the world” have the chance to vote on proposals for how to spend the budget. In the month of MacDonald’s sponsorship there were “56 proposals, so there were 55 other people with ideas like Rory’s on how to better Dash.