The Mobius Network, a DApp store ecosystem and blockchain-based payments API built on the Stellar network, has recently announced a huge partnership with Producers Market – a leading digital community for farmers and consumers – which now accepts their native token MOBI in nine different countries.

The token will be used to facilitate cross-border transactions between countries, bypassing cross-country banking institutions and fees. It marks the first time a cryptocurrency has been accepted as a mode of payment between a farm and food processor. In bypassing traditional intermediaries and utilising blockchain technology, farmers should be able to increase their revenue and profit margins from their crop and stock.

“Many farmers are often unbanked and rural, getting less than 10% of every dollar spent on their end product,” said Cyrus Khajvandi, COO and Co-Founder of Mobius. “Our partnership with Producers Market gives farmers in over nine countries the option to start benefiting immediately from blockchain payments, allowing them to go cashless and cut out intermediaries while passing the savings on to consumers.”

Mobius’ platform has gained credence amongst some members of the cryptocurrency community for its ambitious DApp store and growing decentralised data marketplace. By offering a free universal API that allows businesses to accept micro-fee blockchain-based payments, the Mobius platform and native currency seems likely to continue attracting industry partnerships and building up an enviable set of successful case studies.

Image From Shutterstock