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Monero Gambling Sites

If you happen to be looking for Monero gambling sites to play at then you need look no further as we have spent some serious time looking into the latest offerings to bring you the best range of casino and sports betting sites that allow you to use Monero to play with. 

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What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency that was launched in April 2014 and operates using an obfuscated public ledger which ensures that no transaction can be seen by outside observers. While Monero has a bit of a rocky past and has faced its share of criticism, this cryptocurrency has proven to be one of the stronger and more valuable cryptocurrencies presently available. At the time of this writing, Monero is ninth-most valuable cryptocurrency with a value of $145.12 per coin and it also owns the 11th highest market share at $2.35 billion.

The global online casino industry was quick to embrace cryptocurrencies at the outset as there are a number of benefits that players can take advantage of when using cryptocurrencies. Today, there are many online casinos that accept Monero as a means of payment. Monero gambling sites offer easy deposits, quick withdrawals, and top security to give Monero online players multiple reasons to play at these online casinos.    

Monero Gambling Sites

Gambling sites that accept Monero know that the user base for this cryptocurrency will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the months to come. As a result, these online casinos are doing everything they can to attract Monero users by offering them hefty bonuses on making Monero deposits. Most of these Monero friendly gambling sites give their customers a huge selection of provably fair gaming options, good betting margins, and excellent customer service.  It doesn’t matter what online casino games you like to play or what sports you like to wager on, chances are that there is a Monero friendly gaming site out there ready to accept your Monero deposits and give you quality gaming action. 

Monero Gambling Sites

It is certainly a lot easier to find Bitcoin friendly gambling websites as bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. There are gambling sites that accept Monero but they can sometimes be a little difficult to find. However, if you are willing to invest a few minutes to search, review and shortlist, you will certainly find a Monero gambling website that you are comfortable to play at.monero cryptocurrency

One thing that we must point out is that there aren’t too many sites that offer Monero as an actual betting currency. However, you can make fast deposits using Monero and it will be converted into fiat currency such as the American dollar or the Euro.

Sports Betting: There are nice options out there for Monero sports bettors looking to find a sportsbook that offers the widest selection of wagering options on sporting events.,, and 1xBit offer odds on almost any sporting event that you can possibly think of. These Monero sportsbooks serve up plenty of betting choices such as first to score, winning margins, total score being odd or even and a lot of other team and player propositions.

Monero sports betting sites also take pride in their live betting platforms in which bettors can place bets on games that are in progress. and Bovada excel in this area and even take it a little further with their virtual games and horse betting. These sportsbooks also accept American punters and offer valuable bonuses.

Online Casino Games: You can play a variety of online casino games from the comfort of your home and use Monero as a payment option. Many online casino players love playing online slots and Monero users will be able to enjoy a great lineup of slot games at, and Players who like playing online dice games using Monero will enjoy gaming websites like,, and who specialize in hosting dice games with low house edges and offer their players cool promotions.

Live Casino Games: Players who like to take the online casino experience to the next level can switch over to live casino games that enable them to interact with a live dealer. There are quite a few live dealer casinos that accept Monero as a means of payment. Some of these live dealer casinos include, or where you are just a few clicks away from sitting at a virtual table with a professionally-trained dealer.

Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Casino Hold’em, and Craps are just a few of the live games that these gambling sites that accept Monero from their customers. Whether you want to place micro bets or play for high stakes, players can be assured that they are being given a fair shake in a secure environment.

How to Get Monero

Getting your hands on Monero is as easy as getting pretty much any other cryptocurrency. The first step is usually going to a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, Kraken and You will need to take a couple of minutes to register and then you can link a bank account or credit card to your wallet. Many cryptocurrency exchanges will also require you to go through a verification process. Once this process is completed, you are now in a position to purchase Monero. 

Once purchased, your Monero will be placed in a virtual wallet at the exchange site. This virtual wallet consists of two long strings of alphanumeric characters. One set is your address and is the key that people will use when sending you Monero. The other set is used by the Monero wallet holder to access their account.

Advantages Of Using Monero For Online Gambling

While online gambling is widely popular throughout the year, most online gamblers would like to keep things private and maintain their anonymity as far as possible. They don’t want anyone to know their financial information in terms of how much they are spending, how much they are losing and how much they end up winning. Anonymity is very valuable to most online gamblers and that is precisely what a cryptocurrency like Monero offers them.

Monero users especially those who use third-party wallets can be certain that their assets are secure and their anonymity will be maintained when gambling online. While traditional payment methods can sometimes take days to process, Monero transactions tend to be completed very quickly when compared to other payment methods. While most Monero transactions take around two minutes to complete, some users report waiting times of about 20 minutes. Still, waiting 20 minutes is far better than waiting the 2-5 days that traditional payment methods require.

Online casinos are now beginning to add more cryptocurrencies to their banking methods and one of the preferred currencies is Monero. Online players are happy to use Monero at online gambling sites because of their lower transaction fees, faster processing times and anonymity and safety that the cryptocurrency provides them.

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