Morpheus Network Adds Charlie Shrem To Strengthen Team


Charlie Shrem, American entrepreneur, Bitcoin advocate, and Bitcoin millionaire, has recently announced an advisory position at Morpheus Network ICO which recently raised $6M for during pre-sale, and commenced their public sale yesterday, March 22. This comes shortly after adding Roger Crook, former DHL CEO, to their advisory board.

Charlie Shrem has been immortalized as a Bitcoin ‘hero’ through his role in the recent Netflix documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin’, a widely renowned short that amassed millions of viewers. He was named director of business and community development for Jaxx, the multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet platform. Shrem has amassed a huge fanbase for his contributions to the development and adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Morpheus Network announced that Shrem will serve as blockchain and payment system advisor in an attempt at ‘…disrupting global trade and to crush inefficiencies in supply chain management.’ Morpheus Network is led by CEO Dan Weinberger, and is aiming at disrupting an industry that is currently valued at over 15 trillion USD. Through the integration of a decentralized platform and supporting token, MORPH tokens will serve as the fuel for the Morpheus platform.

The addition of Charlie Shrem to the Morpheus Network team could be seen to add significant value. The attempt of a crypto platform disrupting and entering a multi trillion dollar industry is in itself a monumental task that can be strengthened utilising advisory assistance and guidance from Shrem to make new connections and establish wider-ranged partnerships heading forward. 

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