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NANO (Raiblocks) Cryptocurrency Listed on Koinex Exchange

Nano Coin Under a magnifying glass

NANO cryptocurrency is available for deposit on the Koinex exchange, with trading functionality to be announced soon. Koinex is the largest Indian cryptocurrency exchange and previously allowed users to buy, sell, and trade seventeen different cryptocurrencies before the addition of NANO and EOS today. By adding NANO to the list of supported coins, Koinex has created an authoritative exchange rate between NANO and the Indian Rupee (INR) and further opened the market of potential NANO investors.

NANO (originally introduced as Raiblocks in 2015) is designed to be an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency for peer-to-peer transactions. Each NANO user has their own blockchain, creating an infinitely scalable protocol and removing transaction delays common in protocols with limited block sizes. Nodes calculate their own blocks, removing the need for transaction fees and precompute Proof of Work for the next block after the previous is complete, enabling instantaneous transactions on the NEO network.

NANO has the goal of becoming a globally-accepted payment solution, and its newly updated roadmap reflects this by focusing on goals that would help to build its acceptance. This includes work to make integration of NEO into payment platforms as easy as possible (Experience), marketing and evangelization of NEO to target markets (Adoption), development of a variety of solutions to allow NEO users to securely store and easily access their coins (Wallets), and continued protocol enhancements the improve the efficiency and functionality of NEO. The adoption of NEO onto the Koinex exchange platform represents another big step toward NEO’s target of becoming a globally-accepted payment option.

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