Embattled cryptocurrency NANO, formerly Raiblocks, has released its latest update today – ‘Milestone 12’.

Being a major update, there is a substantial number of improvements for the code compared with recent upgrades. This version has an overall utility to provide extra efficiency across it’s network, primarily geared towards cleaning up communication between nodes in various circumstances.

Milestone 12 comes complete with new Windows 64-bit installer and a Linux build for the updated PC wallet and transparent code for both instances.

The news is a great sign for NANO investors and early adopters alike, as positive news has been sorely missed of late. Just two weeks ago, the core NANO developers were served a class action lawsuit by Silver Miller Law on behalf of investors over the listing of their token, XRB, with Italian exchange Bitgrail.

The legal matter arises from the mess that was an alleged hack involving Bitgrail that occurred early this year, where 17 million XRB tokens were stolen from the exchange, valued between US$150mln to US$195mln at the time.

The complete transparency and prudence of the developers to continue working on their transactional cryptocurrency network may provide some relief for long-term investors and potential buyers alike.

Recently, NANO’s market price has seen slow but shows promising signs of recovery alongside other prominent altcoins, rising just over 20% over the past week.

Image From Shutterstock