NANO to be Accepted by eSports Betting Market PVP.ME

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Leading eSports and gaming betting exchange PVP.ME has revealed that it has plans to integrate NANO into its platform.

Founded in 2015, PVP.ME has grown to over 150,000 users and reportedly processes over 4 million bets per month on a regular basis. Their support of NANO could spur on a new wave of registrations from blockchain enthusiasts, but perhaps more importantly for NANO, PVP.ME users may be attracted to begin using their token.

A Medium post from PVP.ME even featured a glowing review of NANO’s technology:

The biggest issue we had was finding the most optimal payment method that would enable users to deposit the quickest way possible & be able to place their bet instantly. Anything else would be detrimental to the users experience, you can’t have delays while wanting to place a live bet at a specific moment of the game. Today that is possible thanks to NANO.”

PVP.ME users can place bets on eSports, traditional sports, cryptocurrency prices and it even supports live markets on Twitch streams, something which various Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling sites have been looking to emulate. 

Such a development is nothing but welcome news for investors following a recent class action lawsuit filed against lead NANO developers. Claimants will allege that the developers are responsible for pushing them towards Bigrail, notorious Italian exchange at the centre of a theft of 17 million XRB/NANO tokens.

Bitgrail re-opened briefly at the beginning of May, but was shut-down by authorities almost immediately.

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