NEO & Ontology Foundations Reveal Details of Joint Task Force

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Fresh from signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) just weeks ago, both NEO and Ontology Foundations are wasting no time by co-funding a joint task force with a combined RMB$4million (approx. US$620,0000).

The team will will be made up mostly of core developers of the Ontology platform and Neo Global Development (NGD). Notable names include Onchain core developers Weng Junjie, Tan Yuan and NEO core developer Peter Lin. Key community members will also be part of the ten-person team.

The first incarnation of the taskforce will run for six months. It appears that it will mostly be dedicated to making both ecosystems completely symbiotic. What will eventuate seems to be a completely shared mega-blockchain.

Standardized network protocols and data APIs across both NEO and Ontology protocol layers will be created. The sharing of SDKs and development tools between teams will also occur which should boost ease-of-use for both teams.

As hinted at in the MoU, a key function of the task force will be to ensure that smart contracts will be able to be run on either blockchain independent of which it was developed on.

The details revealed today also seem to suggest that the NeoVM platform is to be the chosen smart contract platform for both Ontology and NEO. In support of the move, a GO compiler and its associated development environment will be built over the next six months, signalling a complete adoption of the NeoVM smart contract system.

The task force will reportedly be run on a regular basis as development progresses.

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