It’s only been a month since Switcheo, a decentralised exchange powered by the NEO platform, launched its MainNet. Impressively, they’ve managed to implement enough changes generated from user feedback to prepare a TestNet for a second major release.

Switcheo Exchange v2.0 TestNet will be going live on the 8th of May, with the MainNet version being launched a week later.

Improvements scheduled for v2.0 include several UI upgrades related to the transaction window. More substantially, though, this version of Switcheo will come complete with immediate trade confirmations. The current version takes at least 30 seconds for the NEO blockchain to confirm a trade and the client may not update for a full minute.

While being decentralised is an obvious draw-card for Switcheo, a full minute before trade confirmations may have turned some traders off. Also, as soon as the immediate execution and confirmation of trades is supported, trading bots could make use of the exchange, which means higher volumes and more liquidity could be on the horizon.

Ivan Poon, CEO of the Switcheo Network, has said:

At Switcheo Network, our main purpose is to build a Decentralized Exchange with an intuitive user interface, while hiding all its complexity behind it. Allowing our users to trade as if they are on a Centralized Exchange.”

If everything goes to plan with the v2.0 TestNet, it seems they could be very close to fulfilling this purpose.

Switcheo boasts being the world’s first multi-chain decentralised exchange. It supports the trade of NEO, GAS and all NEP-5 tokens.

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