NEOs QLC Chain (formerly QLink) Secures Partnership with China’s Leading Cloud Service Provider

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QLC Chain, an ICO borne from the NEO blockchain and formerly QLink, has announced that its next generation Network-as-a-Service platform has partnered with Montnets Group, premier cloud communications service provider in China and publicly listed company.

The partnership will be realised through a joint venture that will target ‘hundreds of thousands of enterprise customers’, according to an official release.

Among those hundreds of thousands are some revered names: Alibaba, Bank of China, Ping An Insurance Group, Baidu and Tencent are just a few already serviced by Montnets Group. The overarching goal of the venture will be to integrate QLCChain’s technology with the telecom industry as a whole.

“The new venture is a step further for QLC Chain to apply the blockchain technology to business usage. The Blockchain technology will encounter massive adoption in multiple vertical industries such as telecom which is underpinning the whole digital economy. Montnets is a leader and veteran in cloud communication, and we are very honored to partner with Montnets to build the decentralized telecommunication infrastructure and provide ultimate secure mobile network services.”  said Susan Zhou, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of QLCChain.

QLC Chain itself is a completely public blockchain that provides businesses, organizations and individuals the ability to become service providers using their own network resources. It also supports decentralized app development through smart contracts. A fully-fledged QLC Chain would allow for services, such as the delivery of internet, to be provided in a completely decentralized and open manner by anyone with network resources to donate.

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