New Bitcoin Revolution Scam uses Jamie Oliver for Illegal Promotion

bitcoin revolution scam trap

Another day, another Bitcoin scam. British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver is the latest celebrity whose name and image has been used illegally to promote a scam called Bitcoin Revolution.

The scam has actually been around for many months in one form or another and has previously used the names and images of Bill Gates and Richard Branson for promotion.

Twitter user @DanDarkPill pointed out the deception to Jamie Oliver, posting the following tweet:

Oliver’s Twitter PR team responded saying:

Hey, we can ensure you there’s no truth in these posts and Jamie has not invested in Bitcoin, Dan.”

The Bitcoin Revolution marketing material claims that Jamie Oliver is planning to close down his famous establishments Barbecoa and Fifteen Restaurant in order to “take over the bitcoin market” and goes on to allege that he has teamed up with Richard Branson in order to “change the definition of money.”

To anyone familiar with the cryptocurrency market, the scam is painfully obvious and reeks of the kind of ridiculous hyperbole and unlikely endorsements that would never be seen in a genuine investment opportunity.

Unfortunately, however, there are many thousands of naive and un-seasoned investors out there who are all too willing to get a piece of the Bitcoin pie. Through them, it is believed the scam has claimed many thousands of dollars in stolen investments.

Scam monitoring website Binary Scam Alerts pointed out the scam earlier this month, detailing the complexity of the website and app related to the scam and how it persuades investors to part with their money.

It is of utmost importance when considering an investment opportunity to always consult a financial advisor first, especially in the unregulated cryptocurrency market.

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