New HTC Smartphone is Built for the Blockchain, Every Phone to be a Node

phone and blockchain concept

Global smartphone giant HTC has revealed its latest smartphone: the Exodus.

Pitched perfectly towards the cryptocurrency user, it is touted to be focused on decentralized, open-source apps and has strong visions on allowing each phone to be its own node, a la internet-of-things style projects such as IOTA.

In fact, the ‘its own node’ angle has been pushed by their marketing team: they have openly declared their intention to have twice the nodes that Ethereum has and triple that of Bitcoin’s.

Being successful would make the new HTC Exodus blockchain network the largest in the sector.

While being marketed as a means to ‘take control of your data’ it is still unclear whether it will support popular traditional and centralised apps as well as dApps.

With details being so sparse, there’s a strong chance that it purely exists as a blueprint at this stage. It has been confirmed already, though, that it will be an Android-based device and will come complete with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems and networks such as Lightning and Dfinity.

Smartphones geared for cryptocurrencies aren’t exactly new, but previously there has been a heavy focus on security rather than usability and general use of dApps, let alone capable of becoming the largest blockchain network in existence.

The introduction of a flagship smartphone focused on all things decentralized, by a company such as HTC – who in 2016 posted revenue in excess of US$130 billion – could signal we about to experience an increased rate of adoption across the market.

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