Yesterday saw a new listing for Tron (TRX) on the BitForex Exchange, a Seychelles-based exchange that is headquartered in Singapore and has teams in Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines amongst others.

BitForex has added trading pairs of Tron and Tether (TRX/USDT) and will support deposits and withdrawals for TRX from tomorrow, June 8th.

BitForex is a relatively new exchange, having been around for only six months since December last year, but already serves customers from 86 countries.

Super Representatives

Two new companies have put forward their applications to be Super Representatives at TRON’s upcoming elections in late June:

SesameSeed is a non-profit, open community aimed at providing real and positive change through collective involvement in its project. They promote a concept of fair token dispersal to share profits of the blockchain in a transparent way. Issued tokens will be 1:1 convertible with TRX with weekly payouts based on a percentage of votes cast.

The second representative, announced today, is BitcoinWorld. Located in Hong Kong, BitcoinWorld is an internet technology company based on blockchain that operates some crypto mines and broadcasts a live stream promoting crypto resources –

BitcoinWorld offers an in-depth plan for their support of TRX, including the creation of an escrow service to enhance TRX token liquidity through a convenient and secure OTC trading platform.

Tron founder Justin Sun recently announced on Twitter that Tron now have over 100 trading pairs available:

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