New Support for TRON (TRX) from Upbit and Bithumb

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Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation, yesterday tweeted his excitement at TRON support by Upbit:

Upbit, South Korea’s biggest exchange, trades over 200 altcoins and was launched less than a year ago with the help of Bittrex. The exchange was marred recently by an FSC investigation that claimed it faked its balance sheets, but the company has denied the claims.

South Korea’s second-biggest exchange Bithumb will also be supporting Justin Sun’s TRON project during their migration from Ethereum.

According to data from Bloomberg, the US dollar is the only fiat currency in the crypto-market this is traded more than the South Korean ‘won’.

The news comes on the heels of TRON’s announcement of their ‘Virtual Machine’ that will start operating in a few days and assist the migration process to their own mainnet at the end of May.

TRX is trading up 11% since their announcement of the mainnet launch and is one of the only cryptocurrencies in the top 10 to see significant price increases this week.

Other exchanges that have pledged their support to TRON during the migration include Bittrex, Bitfinix,, Binance, Coinrail and Zebpay, who have recently adopted VeChain.

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