New Tablet Protects Your Cryptocurrency Transactions in Real-time

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A developer of software and hardware made specifically for the cryptocurrency market, Virtual Crypto Technologies, has unveiled its first market-ready gadget: the NetoBit Cash. It is a proprietary tablet device aimed at giving merchants, businesses, distributors and their customers peace of mind by ensuring security all relevant transactional data.

The hardware will even support protection against exchange rate volatility and looks to eliminate instances of fraud by insuring the transactions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies up to the value of US$3,000.

Software launched with the NetoBit will support the sale, purchase and conversions of various cryptocurrencies at any supported point-of-sale, including e-commerce websites, ATMs, other tablets, mobile devices and PCs.

CEO and co-founder of Virtual Crypto commented on the launch, saying:

We established Virtual Crypto to increase the practicality of cryptocurrency across global markets, and the NetoBit series is our first broad-based solution for this billion-dollar industry. Our proprietary blockchain products and services make cryptocurrencies accessible to businesses and users in every industry, and turn dormant assets sitting in users’ digital wallets into funds that function like cash,”

Marketed as a complete solution for small to mid-sized businesses such as restaurants, cafes, shops, they even have eyes on incorporating larger enterprises such as airlines, government agencies and broader payment gateways.

The platform seeks to eliminate market volatility through an algorithm that surveys the entire cryptocurrency network for the best deal at any one time of conversion across many different exchanges.

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