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Why is Bitcoin (BTC) Moving in Correlation with Traditional Stocks?

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It’s not just the cryptocurrency market that’s crashing this month – traditional stock markets are doing just as badly. In fact, Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies are moving in closer correlation with traditional stocks than ever before. Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin’s 40-day correlation coefficient with the Nasdaq 100 has reached a factor of 0.66 – the closest correlation…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Ends Year 73% Up Despite Disappointing December

bitcoin on the earth

Positive sentiment dragged on throughout November following Bitcoin’s all-time high on the 9th, and continued into early December as enthusiasts clung tightly to the promise of $100k. Sadly, with Bitcoin losing $50k in early December and never fully recovering, that promise didn’t materialized. All the charts and analysis in the world couldn’t have predicted such an uncharacteristically weak close to…

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How to Bet Using XRP

xrp surge concept

For novices in crypto betting, XRP which is popularly called Ripple is the native cryptocurrency developed by Ripple Labs.  Like other cryptocurrencies, XRP is used for payment settlement, asset exchange and many other transactions. Due to the fast and cheap transactions the crypto coin provides, it has been outstanding amongst other coins as one of the widely used and accepted…

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The Latest Hack on Indian PMs Twitter Reinforces Negative Crypto Image

bitcoin india flag concept

India is a country that has been battling with crypto regulations for several years now. Following the country’s demonetisation experiment in 2016, Indian residents turned to cryptocurrencies to avoid losing their savings. The tech-rich country has since dived head first into the world of blockchain and crypto, with several major digital currency exchanges popping up since 2017. In 2018, following…

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Plan B Notes Bitcoin (BTC) Floor Model Failure, Says Stock-to-Flow (S2F) Still on Track

A popular crypto analyst who goes by the Twitter handle Plan B (@100trillionUSD) has addressed the first failure of his controversial Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model. The model has so far performed with a high degree of accuracy, hitting every monthly target since its creation. However, ongoing negative price action throughout November has decimated Plan B’s $98k price prediction. Back in June,…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Hits New High as CPI Hits 31-Year High, Quashing Inflation Hedge Doubts

bitcoin rocket

The price of Bitcoin suddenly surged by over $2,000 earlier today, cracking a new all-time high (ATH) above $69,000. The event coincides with the US consumer price-index (CPI), which measures inflation, jumping to a 31-year-high – 0.3% higher than government estimates. With the pace of inflation over the past year now at 6.2% it’s way beyond the Federal Reserve’s 2%…

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Coinbase Is Now the Most Popular App in the US Following SHIB Listing

coinbase website on desktop and smartphone

Following last month’s listing of Shiba Inu (SHIB) on its platform, Coinbase has now overtaken TikTok to become the number 1 app on Apple’s AppStore. In essence, this makes buying cryptocurrency a more popular activity than using social media… or pretty much anything else in the world. How it started How it's going — Fred Ehrsam (@FEhrsam) October 28,…

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