On Tuesday, Alex Saunders from the well-respected crypto YouTube channel Nugget’s News Australia uploaded a recent interview he conducted with Matthew Tawil (Founder & Lead Core Blockchain Developer, NIX Platform).

In the near-twenty-minute interview, Saunders and Tawil explored a host of topics including modern society’s seemingly docile attitude when it comes to personal privacy, the technical aspects that underpin the NIX platform, how the project is tracking overall, and what the community ought to expect from NIX moving forward.

Not Your Average Privacy Coin

Not long into the interview, it becomes apparent that the privacy-oriented NIX is on the verge of introducing an entirely new functionality to the nascent crypto space.

Indeed, instead of representing a standalone privacy coin, the platform being built by NIX is set to offer the security features of traditional blockchains like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), whilst further benefitting from the integration of what they believe to be the most robust privacy protocol, the NIX Ghost Protocol.

In Brief: NIX Ghost Protocol

Having been asked to outline the technical features of the startup’s NIX Ghost Protocol, Tawil provided Saunders with a three-part basic summary.

Firstly, the NIX blockchain developer leader identified one-time-addresses as being integral to its Ghost Protocol. This concept is rather similar to how leading privacy coin Monero (XMR) utilizes ring signatures, Tawil added.

The NIX Ghost Protocol’s next major feature is its use of Zerocoin Protocol. The blockchain data-concealing zero-knowledge proofs, Tawil explained, make for “the optional [onchain] privacy layer.”

Finally, NIX Ghost Protocol employs TOR/i2p network protection, Tawil told Saunders. By integrating with a layering of Tor networking, users can expect network privacy in addition to the blockchain privacy made possible by the two aforementioned features of NIX Ghost Protocol.

Severable other valuable insights were shared by Tawil during his interview on Nugget’s News Australia. This includes why Tawil believes the oft-misunderstood feature of optional privacy – as seen in the Zcash (ZEC) privacy coin, for example – is “super powerful,” what the community should expect from the NIX – Blocknet (BLOCK) partnership, and what the “end goal” of NIX is.

For those wanting to view Nugget’s News Australia’s entire interview with Tawil, please view the below video. Additionally, consider reading through the initial version of the NIX Platform Whitepaper.