No Blockchain Needed: Fujitsu Helps IOTA (MIOTA) Turn Heads At World’s Best Industrial Tech Exhibition

New City Hall of Hannover

One of the most ambitious projects in the cryptosphere, IOTA (MIOTA), has so far featured prominently at the annual Hannover Messe, a trade exhibition widely regarded as the world’s best for showcasing industrial technology.

Held in the German city of Hanover (just over a three hour drive from the IOTA Foundation’s head office in Berlin), multiple representatives of industry-leading corporations in attendance at Hannover Messe (23 – 27 April) have been swift in publicly demonstrating the distributed ledger protocol best known for its innovative IOTA Tangle network (i.e., a quantum-resistant Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)).

Notably, the multinational behemoth Fujitsu was one company to showcase the IOTA technology (note: video in German – see here for the English translation; kindly provided by Reddit user/danielharris627).

This is the first distributed ledger technology based on IOTA in the industrial environment worldwide.” – Dr. Rolf Werner

Leading the live demonstration (witnessed by dozens of media representatives) was Dr. Rolf Werner (Head of Central Europe, Fujitsu Ltd). Notably, earlier in April, Werner decided to officially join the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Council after several months of having been loosely affiliated with the not-for-profit project – currently actively led by two of IOTA’s four co-founders, David Sønstebø and Dominik Schiener.

The official account of Fujitsu (Central Europe) has shared multiple IOTA-centric tweets in the past 24 hours. Further, they’ve included #IOTA in their Twitter bio. In another video uploaded on Monday by Fujitsu, it features Leopold Sternberg (Program Manager, Fujitsu’s Industry 4.0 Competence Center) explaining how IOTA fits into the next generation of industrial technology.

Another industrial tech firm to espouse IOTA so far at the 2018 Hannover Messe has been DXC Technology. Like Werner, the NYSE-listed company also publicly demonstrated the workings of the IOTA protocol from their booth.

Beyond Fujitsu and DXC Technology, expect to see a handful of other companies also presenting IOTA use cases (to varying degrees) this week at Hannover Messe. It looks like some of these will be Bosch, Pass, Deutsche Telecom, Accessec GmbH, and possibly even FlyNex (drone management software).

No Blockchain, No Worries

The IOTA Foundation has certainly been developing at an enviable rate this year. Indeed, just last week they signed an MoU with the Scandinavian renewable energy firm, InnoEnergy.

On April 18, an extant partner of the IOTA Foundation, ElaadNL, released the world’s first charging station for electric vehicles. Located at the ElaadNL Testlab in Arnhem, Netherlands, the IOTA charging station operates autonomously and takes care of machine-to-machine communication and IOTA token payment on behalf of the end user.

The rate at which the IOTA team has been expanding is also eye-catching. Since the beginning of 2018, a total of nineteen talented individuals have joined the IOTA Foundation.

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