Craig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who once claimed to be the mythical and mysterious Bitcoin creator “Satoshi Nakamoto”, is quickly running out of friends in the cryptocurrency world. Last week he was publicly called a “fraud” by Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin while Litecoin founder Charlie Lee said he would not attend any conference which extended Wright a platform.

Seemingly unafraid of alienating everyone in cryptocurrency, Wright is now picking fights with David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer at Ripple.

Craig Wright is a Bitcoin maximalist, believing that thanks to network effects, it is much more powerful to develop one coin, rather than spread innovation over hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies. More accurately, Wright is a Bitcoin Cash maximalist, and it is his unwavering promotion of that currency which has gone a long way to isolating him from the broader cryptocurrency community.

Wright pushed this message on Twitter over the weekend, responding to an Ayn Rand quote with an appeal to his followers that they fight for Bitcoin (Cash) adoption. Ripple’s David Schwartz replied that instead they should fight for “everyone’s freedom to voluntarily hold and exchange any asset they like” and that everyone should try to “build bridges, not walls”.

Wright claimed that his fight was to “have a money that all can use” one that ”none control” and which is “not a speculators gambling toy”. For Schwartz it is impossible to “build one network so great everyone will use it because people want vastly different things” and that the key was building bridges between the different solutions instead: “light, simple interoperability protocols so systems can compete and spur innovation”.

It is at this point that a relatively civil discussion started to degenerate.

Schwartz tried to continue making points about how the internet developed and the benefits to everyone from increased competition, but Wright was no longer interested in debate and went on the offensive. Ripple, he said, was a “system that is simple to copy and fixes a problem of the past”, adding later that he had talked to “some of these banks” and “Ripple is disrupting nothing”.

Having dismissed Ripple there was still some time to throw in some insults to other solutions in the area. ICOs are “scam tokens” and ETH a “complete joke”.

Wright, it seems, is less interested in building bridges within the crypto community than he is in burning them.

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