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OmiseGO’s OMG Network Goes Public in Plasma Breakthrough

Elephants in Ayutthaya

The team behind OmiseGO (OMG) have today realized a major milestone; enabling public access to the alpha release of its so-called OMG Network – a proof-of-stake and infinitely scalable Plasma blockchain with a decentralized exchange built into its core consensus layer – for the very first time.

The network’s alpha version, which the OmiseGO team are calling Ari – the Thai word for “hospitable, gentle, and accommodating” – is believed to have “reached a level of functionality and stability that is ready for public testing and feedback,” according to Tuesday’s announcement.

Such a degree of belief came to be on the back of several weeks’ worth of collaboration between OmiseGO and its partners, as well as members of the OmiseGO Developer Program (ODP) – an ongoing program of early testers and integrators launched early last month.

Plasma Pair

As for what users of Ari can expect performance-wise from Tuesday’s alpha release, OmiseGO’s blog post went on to state: “this version of the OMG Network implements More Viable Plasma for ETH transfer and Minimal Viable Plasma for ERC-20 token transfer, with a single operator, secured against the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet.”

In underscoring the sheer level of throughput Ari – which support the full plasma lifecycle (i.e., deposits, transfers, exits, and in-flight exists) – is capable of bearing, OmiseGO revealed their internal testing has seen the network be “able to process over 1.2MM transactions with a peak measured throughout of over 2700 transactions per second.”

Beware of Bugs

Responsibly, OmiseGO – a subsidiary of the Singapore-domiciled Omise Holdings – emphasized that today’s Ari release is indeed an alpha version, meaning there exists a very real chance that software bugs will be discovered in the weeks ahead.

As a matter of fact, OmiseGO disclosed “there are known bugs” in the version of Ari shared today. Whilst these bugs – which “could make the contract insolvent” – have “already [been] patched” by their development team, they are yet to deploy these patches.

These fixes, along with additional new features, will come via a network upgrade “in the coming weeks,” OmiseGO insists. The team advises those interacting with Ari ought to frequently be checking in with their new Developer Portal.

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