OPSkins and WAX Collectible Assets Now Have Their Own Crypto Wallet

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Earlier this week we covered two deals signed by the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and their digital crypto-collectible marketplace, OPSkins, to support the trade of assets derived from premier blockchain collectible-driven games CryptoPuppies and Ether Online.

Now we can report that the OPSkins marketplace and the Worldwide Asset eXchange platform as a whole have the official support of their very own secure cryptocurrency wallet: Trust Wallet.

The partnership means that users will be able to access items held on the OPSkins marketplace directly from the Trust Wallet browser and even make purchases directly using WAX tokens and other supported cryptocurrencies.

Trust Wallet is an Ethereum-focused mobile wallet that supports Ethereum (ETH), ERC20, 223 & 721 tokens. It is designed to enable users direct interaction with any decentralised app (dApp) running on the Ethereum blockchain safely and securely. Users can send and store digital assets with complete control, as private keys are stored completely on the users device, never online.

Founder of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko, had this to say on their latest deal:

We are thrilled to partner with WAX and expand our Trust dApp Marketplace. The Crypto Collectible ecosystem is constantly evolving and more assets are created each day. Having a well-established company like WAX joining us shows how much we are committed to our long term vision — making dApps more accessible and less intimidating for mobile users. With this partnership, we welcome all WAX and OPSkins users into the Trust community and promise to provide outstanding customer support to every new member.”

The OPSkins marketplace will soon be accessible directly from the Trust Wallet dApp browser. All items listed on the exchange will be available for purchase using any funds stored in the wallet. All non-fungible tokens (read: crypto-collectible assets) purchased can even be managed directly through the Trust Wallet.

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