As pointed out by a Reddit user yesterday, somebody has recently moved a collective 111,114 bitcoin and bitcoin cash from a single wallet into over 80 separate wallets.

Initial examinations of blockchain data suggested the account may be related to ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ (DPR) of the legendary dark web marketplace Silk Road. Currently incarcerated U.S.-citizen Ross Ulbricht is generally considered to be ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ however evidence of this is inconclusive.

The bitcoin address that the coins were moved from is a very old, well-known address in the cryptocurrency community that originally received funds back in 2011. A bitcointalk forum from 2013 alleges that the wallet is associated with DPR, however, movements on the wallet since Ulbricht’s arrest indicate that either somebody else has access or he is not, in fact, DPR.

Since the move a number of other possible theories have surfaced, including the possibility that the wallet belongs to that of Bitcoin Cash proponent and one time Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Dr. Craig Wright.

Another theory connects the wallet with now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox and suggests it is a cold wallet that has been seized following Mt Gox’s bankruptcy. It’s likely the movements are related to the upcoming civil rehabilitation program and may be intended to refund users affected by the bankruptcy.

Considering Silk Road’s activities were closely linked to Mt Gox during its operations, both theories may well be linked.