Oyster Protocol has announced that it will be taking “a more aggressive approach with regards to marketing and general exposure,” and that means a new CEO.

Oyster launched its mainnet two weeks ago, becoming the first ever blockchain-based anonymous file storage platform. Now Oyster has a live product it believes it has “ground to stand on with regards to becoming a household name in the industry.

William Cordes, previously the company’s CFO, will taking over from the pseudonymous “Bruno Block” as the new CEO. According to Cordes, this will “free up Bruno’s time to focus exclusively on protocol architecture” while allowing Cordes “to leverage my business and managerial experience to take Oyster to new heights.”

Cordes notes that this new direction was Block’s choice. Now the mainnet has been launched Oyster is moving into the next stage of its development, and different expertise is needed. One of the first priorities is improving PRL liquidity by having it listed on more exchanges. Cordes said that the company is in “fairly late-stage discussions with multiple exchanges in the Top 10” and “many more in the Top 30.

Greater Oyster Exposure

Cordes will also be focussing on building the platform’s community in Asia and increasing the visibility of Oyster and its team worldwide. “Oyster has shied away a bit from the public spotlight,” he said, “in-line with Bruno’s personality and anonymity”. However, “as of today, that changes” and the team “will be much more proactive with regards to conferences and public appearances.

Though broadly welcomed by the Oyster community, Reddit user Henrymiller33 worried that giving someone else CEO power was dangerous at this early stage as such a figure “ultimately has power over you, and can fire you at will should a big disagreement emerge.” Block responded that dividing responsibilities in this way was the sensible option and that “I can still fire Bill because I am the 100% shareholder of the company.” However, he noted that this was unlikely, “unless Bill starts selling company PRL to buy cocaine and smuggle it to ISIS.”

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