A Beginners Guide to 0x (ZRX) + Where and How to Buy Explained

golden 0x coins

0x is an open source protocol that allows for the trading of any ERC20 supported token on the Ethereum blockchain. 0x gives developers an open Javascript library optimal for interfacing with the 0x protocol that allows users to sign, open, cancel, close, fill, and verify order signatures as well as setting up interfaces for checking ERC20 based token balances &…

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Investor Concern Over NEX ICO Browser Extension

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NEO-based ICO Neon Exchange has come up with some innovative ways of launching its ICO, though potential investors have raised security concerns. Neon Exchange, or NEX, describes itself as “a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation”. The ICO will start in April and the company is taking measures to ensure that token distribution is as fair…

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