Swiss Watchmaking Company Launching $100K Crypto Watch

There are certain countries and regions that simply dominate their industry to the point where they are associated with a certain standard. For example, Belgians are known for some of the best chocolate in the world, Germany is known for its incredible engineering with regards to the auto industry, and Switzerland is known for its excellence with regards to watchmaking.…

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Soto Thinks CFTC Should Regulate Crypto

All over the world, countries and governments are debating about how exactly cryptocurrencies should be regulated. There are some countries that believe that regulation should be minimal, in order to foster innovation, and other governments that are more focused on ensuring that the cryptocurrency sector isn’t rife with fraud and criminal activity. In line with that debate, a U.S. Congressman…

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Bahrain University Adopts Blockchain-based Certificates

blockchain network

The University of Bahrain is set to become one of the first educational institutes to begin issuing blockchain-based certificates using the Blockcerts system. Bahrain is a small middle-eastern country in the Arabian Gulf situated between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It’s famous for its oil exports and wealthy ruling family, the House of Khalifa, who are estimated to be worth $4…

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Washington Wants A Blockchain Campus

There are many regions of the world that are interested in attracting blockchain startups in order to revitalize their local economies. For example, the city of Cleveland is attempting to rebrand as “Blockland” to attract blockchain entrepreneurs, and its state, Ohio, now allows business to pay certain taxes in cryptocurrency. It appears as though another state is making it clear…

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J.M. Bullion Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)

One of the leading bullion companies in the United States, J.M. Bullion, a leading authorized bullion dealer based in Dallas, now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment. For those who are unfamiliar with the sector, bullion is gold, silver, or other precious metals in the form of “bars” that are typically used for market trading. The value of…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Users Paying to Secure Weak Altcoin Networks

man looking at a bitcoin

A recent new development highlights the strange ways in which differing blockchains interact and re-ignites the old age question of what constitutes ethical behavior in a permissionless ecosystem. The CTO of CasaHODL, Jameson Lopp, a long time blockchain enthusiast and outspoken voice on ‘crypto-twitter’, recently pointed out that a company called VeriBlock are creating one-fifth of all transactions on the…

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Will 2019 be the Year of the Bitcoin ETF? Bitwise Files the Years First Application


According to a press release from PR Newswire, crypto index fund Bitwise Asset Management has filed for another exchange traded fund (ETF) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, this time a Bitcoin ETF. The firm has previously applied for an ETF that covered 10 cryptocurrencies on July 24th last year which remains pending. Since then several other crypto-related ETF’s…

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Ethereum (ETH) Suffers Massive Selloff, Drops Behind Ripple (XRP)

ethereum logo on red city background

Earlier today the cryptocurrency market suffered a massive decline in price, losing approximately $10 billion in the space of a few hours. The market currently sits at around $124 billion, down from $134 billion early this morning. Ethereum appears to have been worst affected, suffering a massive nine percent loss within the first hour and then continuing a gradual decline…

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Santander Chairman Praises Ripple (XRP) – Powered App

It’s becoming clear in 2019 that more banks and financial institutions are implementing blockchain or at least exploring blockchain technology behind the scenes. It’s still rare, however, for many of these financial institutions to openly praise blockchain, and many in the cryptocurrency community believe that they still view the technology as more of a threat than an asset. However, that…

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