Bitcoin (BTC) Drops Below 50% Dominance – Altseason Incoming?

Flying altcoins with Bitcoin in the center as the leader

Bitcoin’s dominance within the cryptocurrency market appears to be decreasing, with data from CoinLib showing the asset recently dropping to below 50 percent dominance for the second time in the past 30 days. Historically, a decrease in BTC dominance usually indicates an incoming ‘altseason’ – a colloquial term used to describe a huge rally for altcoins. This is because when…

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Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs On The Rise

The cryptocurrency community has grown tremendously over the years, and one of the goals for 2019 is for it to grow even more. The more that people use cryptocurrency, and are aware of it, the more valuable these cryptocurrencies can become. One metric that the community has been using to gauge interest has been to keep track of how many…

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Coinbase Bans Gab Again

More than ever, the concept of “free speech” is being discussed in The United States as a controversial point. Many believe that influencers are actually advocating hate speech and disguising it as “right to speech”. This has led to a national discourse about what exactly constitutes “hate speech”, and whether it should be protected or not. Two major figures that…

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Top Gitcoin Grantee ‘Burner Wallet’ Ships v2.2; Adds On-Chain, Encrypted Chat, Uniswap-Powered Exchange


In a video uploaded to YouTube earlier today, software engineer Austin Griffith (Director of Research, Gitcoin) demonstrated version 2.2 of his Ethereum-powered Burner Wallet. The upgrade allows users to send encrypted on-chain messages to one another, as well as import their private key. Additionally, a fully functional xDai-to-DAI-to-ETH exchange was made available in the v2.2 update. Enabling such a feature…

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NEO to Ethereum: NKN Seeking “Improved Liquidity” as Token Swap Announced

water ripple

The team behind NKN (NKN) – described as “a new generation of highly scalable, self-evolving and self-incentivized blockchain network infrastructure” in its whitepaper – have proposed a one-to-one token swap from the extant NEP-5-compliant NKN token to one that is compliant with the Ethereum network’s ERC-20 standard. NKN’s decision, according to their announcement published on Friday, was “based on feedback…

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Justin Sun’s 2019 Plans For Tron (TRX)

Twitter is an important place for the cryptocurrency community, as influential figures can debate about the merits of certain projects, and update investors/traders in real-time about developments regarding certain projects, as well. Often times, there are many CEOs in the cryptocurrency space that lay out their future goals to the world through the platform. Justin Sun has used the platform…

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Thailand Has Developed Blockchain-Based Voting Technology

One of the positive aspects of blockchain technology is that it has the potential to be more transparent than others. Of course, many have pointed out that blockchain could help one of the most democratic processes in the world – voting. It appears as though Thailand is doing more than pointing out, but is actually implementing it. About The Technology…

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Saudi Customs Is Experimenting With Blockchain

The immutable nature of blockchain has led many to believe that one of the ways that blockchain technology will change the world will be the fact that it can be applied to the logistics sector, where goods have to constantly be tracked for maximum productivity and profitability. It appears as though the Saudi Arabian government agrees. Customs Experimentation Specifically, it…

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Equity Fund CEO Says Focus On “Biscuits, Not Bitcoins (BTC)”

It’s not some big secret that the cryptocurrency markets are volatile, which is a main criticism from those in the traditional finance sector. However, there are many in the cryptocurrency community that point out that these figures in finance are bashing cryptocurrency and blockchain because of the potential threat that they pose to the sector. Regardless, since the price of…

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