Tether (USDT) Delisting Following Trust Questions

tether usdt

Another exchange has delisted Tether amidst an ongoing controversy regarding its dollar reserves. Singapore-based Digifinex is a relatively new exchange operating since last year and focused on the Chinese market. It features low trading fees and no charges for depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency. TUSD is the 1st fully collateralized and #exchange agnostic #stablecoin to receive #MSB. @TrustToken https://t.co/KXphhZNVhu — Digifinex…

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Elliot Wave Analyst Sees Bitcoin Bottom at $4,700

bitcoin crash concept

Popular technical analyst and founder of live trading room platform ElliotWaveTrader.net Avi Gilburt, has outlined his predictions for the future of Bitcoin (BTC). Following a nine-month-long bear market that has taken the asset down from $19,000 to current levels, the Bitcoin crash is now reported to be worse than the one that followed the burst of the dot-com bubble. Gilburt,…

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Crypto Payments Startup Wyre Unveils SDK, Partners Republic Protocol

red launch key on keyboard

Wyre – the leading infrastructure provider in the crypto space – unveiled its software development kit (SDK), Wyre SDK. In what marked a busy Friday for the fast-growing blockchain startup, Republic Protocol (REN) – an open-source protocol powering dark pool exchanges – later announced the forming of a partnership with the San Francisco-headquartered Wyre. Compliance All Day with Wyre SDK…

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Hacken (HKN) Doubles Quarterly Revenue Amid Crypto Winter

hacken bull

Despite the miserable performance of the cryptocurrency market in recent times, certain projects are managing to record strong financial numbers en route to building their respective blockchain-based solutions that were pitched to ICO investors many months ago. One such project appears to be Hacken, an Estonia-headquartered startup developing an ecosystem of cybersecurity products. Referred to collectively as the Hacken Ecosystem,…

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Holochain’s Holo (HOT) Jumps on Partnerships Lead Tease

holochain cryptocurrency website displayed on phone

Holo, the Holochain-based hosting network which has recently managed to make its way onto the radars of many investors – as the value of its underlying ‘placeholder’ cryptocurrency, the Ethereum-based ERC20-compliant HoloToken (HOT), continues excelling in otherwise gloomy market conditions – looks set to benefit from a fresh bout of community-driven speculation; congruent with the ‘buy the rumour, sell the…

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Chain Inc. Acquired by Lightyear (Stellar – XLM) to become Interstellar

stellar on globe

Just in – Chain Inc, a San Francisco startup, has confirmed its acquisition by Lightyear Corp., the for-profit company developing the Stellar network. Both the Chain and Lightyear brand will be combined into a new company and re-named ‘Interstellar’. Chain’s customer base and products will be migrated onto Stellar’s public ledger, allowing for the issuance, exchange and managements of all…

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Has Platio found a way to solve the issues holding back crypto adoption?

Back view of young businessman on wooden pier looking at city

The benefits of cryptocurrencies are clear. They create a new kind of money which is free from government manipulation. They offer a way for people to store wealth in their heads by memorising their seed phrases. Perhaps most importantly, they let people transfer value across borders quickly and cheaply by enabling sender and receiver to interact with each other directly,…

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