ShapeShift’s Voorhees on Vexed KYC Push: “Not Something We Want To Do”

businessman with fingers crossed

Feeling the need to clarify various aspects of the ShapeShift announcement that prompted much opinionated discourse in the crypto world yesterday, Erik Voorhees (CEO & Founder, ShapeShift) has taken to Twitter to provide additional commentary. In a Thursday tweet shared by Voorhees’ account (i.e., @ErikVoorhees) at 4:17am (CET), he remarked that the admittedly “heavy decision” to impose mandatory Know Your…

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The $74 Million BTC Short Could Only Be Insider Trading

Business male financial collapse

Yesterdays sudden Bitcoin crash has drawn all kinds of speculation as to what could be the cause, with the most prominent belief being that of Goldman Sachs withdrawing its plans to build a BTC Trading Desk. Other evidence points to the transfer of 16,000 BTC from a wallet allegedly linked to Silk Road and Mt Gox. No matter what you…

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Verge (XVG) updates the VergeFam on latest developments.

verge coin on chart with green arrows

Privacy coin Verge today issued its latest monthly update to its passionate community, the VergeFam. The post is written by core team member Lloyd SwizzleSticks who works as a technical writer and advisor to the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. Verge started to post regular community updates this summer after followers complained that they were not being kept sufficiently informed of matters relating…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Drops $400 in Minutes, Manipulation Likely

bitcoin crash concept

For no immediately apparent reason, Bitcoin just dropped $400 from $7350 to $6950 in the matter of a few minutes. While the cryptocurrency is no stranger to volatility, this kind of sudden unexpected crash is highly suspicious. Some have speculated that news from Shapeshift introducing mandatory membership and customer information may have affected the price but considering Bitcoin’s global prevalence…

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SmartMesh (SMT) Spikes 30% as Ethereum-to-Spectrum Blockchain Migration Begins

Gold bull throwing up SmartMesh

The SmartMesh Foundation – the Singapore-registered entity responsible for administering the development of the SmartMesh decentralized, off-Internet communication and payment service protocol – have officially commenced what they call ‘mapping’; a process needed so as to convert all Ethereum ERC20-compliant SmartMesh Tokens (SMT) into Spectrum Coins, the native cryptocurrency of SmartMesh’s public blockchain, Spectrum. In an announcement issued by the…

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Ledger Nano S Adds Support for EOS

Silver EOS cryptocurrency single coin

The popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet Ledger Nano S has announced today the addition of the EOS digital asset to its list of supported cryptocurrencies. The coin is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The announcement forms part of it’s new Crypto Tuesday program which promises the addition of a new coin every Tuesday. Ledger made the announcement via…

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Walmart Selling $1 Bitcoin

bitcoin and dollar bills

The Walmart retail giant has taken to selling one-dollar Bitcoin – albeit, of the chocolate variety, and not the cryptographic bitcoin that we have grown so accustomed to. Indeed, thanks to longstanding Philadelphia-based candy manufacturer Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company, the Bitcoin name has begun permeating Walmart stores across America. Posted on Monday to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit by u/TheKayleMain, an…

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Bitcoin (BTC) Set for Correction at $7,500 As Bulls Slow

bitcoin growth chart

The past week has seen some very positive action for Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Upward movement, however, has now reached the top of the yearly downtrend pattern. Barring an unexpected injection of positive liquidity to the market it’s likely we’ll see resistance before $7,600 followed by a retracement to sub-$7,000 levels. With almost a month…

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