Philakone Challenges Twitter OG’s To Trading War

two fists smash together in fighting concept

Infamous Twitter trader Philakone has embarked on a rampage today challenging crypto OG’s (Original Gangsters) to a trade-off battle. In a post this morning he calls trading a ‘glorified video game’ and challenges @ZeusZissou, @CryptoCobain and @cointradernik to a $50,000, 7-day trade competition.

The challenge seems have been sparked when Philakone joked that anyone that bets against him he sincerely hopes their family gets liquidated. Twitter user @cryptonewstips replied, asking:

Why not change this to something the average trader can compare and have all the crypto traders have a 1btc trade-off between all the crypto Twitter traders?”

Crypto trader MarQuis Trill (@6billionpeople) took up the challenge in a response tweet challenging him to 7 days trading in Vegas Top 10 Coins with a 24/7 live stream and even offering to get sponsored flights and accommodation.

Other than that challenge, Philakone didn’t get a good response and went on to call out a number of traders, including @zeuszissou, @daytradernik, @cryptocobain and @whalepanda. In a series of follow up tweets he accuses ‘OGs’ of pump and dumps and says ‘bitches will be bitches‘, in relation to nobody taking up his challenge.

He further accuses his 100K+ followers of bad mouthing him and hiding behind their computers.

Come on, all the 100K+ followers on Twitter who have talked mad shit about me beyond belief, surely one of you can accept my challenge to a 1v1 trading challenge? Oh wait that’s right, you hide behind a computer and refuse any legitimate challenge. Please, I insist, keep shilling”

In an earlier tweet, Philakone had mentioned he was a bit drunk from trying to self-medicate tooth pain.

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