Pompliano Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Will Be A Global Reserve Currency

When it comes to cryptocurrency proponents, there are few as enthusiastic as Anthony Pompliano. Not only is Pompliano a founder and partner of cryptocurrency asset firm Morgan Creek Digital, but he also keeps many cryptocurrency lovers informed through his “Off The Chain” newsletter, as well.

Pompliano hasn’t held his tongue when he feels that it’s a bearish time for cryptocurrency, and has even appeared on CNBC to elaborate. He also is famous for putting his money where his mouth is, as he was vocal about a $1 million bet that Morgan Creek Digital would outperform the S&P Index over the next decade. It appears as though his enthusiasm for crypto hasn’t faded, as he now has stated that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) will become a global reserve currency.

About His Statements

Pompliano is quite popular on Twitter, where he boasts well over 180,000 followers. He tweets about the sector almost daily, and his thoughts about where the cryptocurrency markets are in both the short-term and long-term. His statement came in the form of a tweet, which has since gone viral. In the tweet, he references the fact that sovereign nations are “settling transactions” in Bitcoin as proof that it is “becoming the global reserve currency”. You can find the tweet below:


The tweet has since gone viral, and has garnered over 700 retweets and almost 3,000 likes. When a user asked for a source, he tweeted an article that explains that Argentina has settled an export deal with Paraguay through Bitcoin.

More Context

This is a bold statement, but isn’t the only recent statement where someone influential believes that Bitcoin has massive potential. Specifically, Jack Dorsey recently stated on the Joe Rogan podcast that he believes Bitcoin will be the Internet’s “native currency”.

For those wondering about the export deal, it was worth about $7100. The transaction took place several days ago, and many prove that this means that Latin America might be moving to embrace cryptocurrency, although it may be early to say so.

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