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Popular EOS and Ethereum (ETH) Games are Making the Switch to Tron (TRX)

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After a highly successful year in 2018, The Tron Foundation and it’s blockchain network continue to grow and evolve, with the almost daily announcement of new developments to its platform. The company, which accelerated its plans to “decentralize the web” with the acquisition of the gigantic Internet streaming service BitTorrent last year, is now becoming increasingly popular as the platform of choice for blockchain game developers.

Earlier this year, Tron also acquired the first blockchain app store, CoinPlay – putting it in a very powerful position for the release of new blockchain-based games and decentralized applications (dApps). The move followed the launch of BitTorrent Live, a social media platform and content streaming service supported by the massive BitTorrent userbase.

Not long after these developments, one of the most popular games on the Ethereum network, EtherGoo, migrated to the Tron network and renamed itself TronGoo. With it’s faster transaction speeds and lower fees, it looks apparent that more and more games will be considering a similar migration to Tron.

Big challengers

Even one of Tron’s closest rivals, EOS, which has comparatively similar transaction speeds and low fees, is being shunned by developers in favor of the Tron network. Most recently, Tron has partnered with, the production company that released the hugely popular EOS-based game EOS Knights. Now, following strategic investment from Tron, Biscuit plans to relaunch EOS Knights on the Tron network this coming December.

The game will be rebranded and released as a sequel, dubbed Knights Story. Some have questioned if this means EOS is losing its stronghold as the leader of the blockchain gaming sector. The developers have noted Tron’s stronger network performance and better application ecosystem as some of the reasons for the switch.

The real ‘Ethereum Killer’

Earlier this month, Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun tweeted statistics from decentralized app tracking site Dapp Radar that noted Tron’s recent growth. The tweet and accompanying graph details the Tron network’s impressive total trading volume, which is now almost double that of the once-leader Ethereum (ETH).

While the EOS network is still slightly ahead of Tron when it comes to total trading volume, the gap between the two appears to be closing. While Ethereum flounders at only $35 million in USDT traded over seven days, Tron is up to $68.5 million and EOS is slightly above $80 million. Which network will emerge as the real ‘Ethereum killer’?

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