Pornhub say they have already processed thousands of Verge (XVG) payments

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When the partnership was announced between Verge and MindGeek, with its portfolio of porno websites, many wondered if porn was really something people pay for. And if they don’t pay for it in dollars, why would they pay for it in cryptocurrency?

Monero’s Riccardo Spaggni spoke for many when he said that he thought it was “pretty sad” if you were still paying for porn.

However, it appears that at least some people pay, and they’re now paying in Verge. Twitter user “฿iht Coign” noted that hundreds of XRG transactions to Pornhub have been reviewed on the CoinPayments website. In a good sign for both MindGeek and Verge, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments like, “awesome transaction. really fast and secured. Loved it.

Most excitingly for the broader cryptocurrency community, it seems that these transactions often represented the first time the users had ever used cryptocurrency. “First time using crypto to make a purchase and it was very easy”, said one, while another gushed, “Its really Amazing, my first transaction with Cryptocurrency ITS Wonderful!

These positive first impressions can only be a good thing for more widespread crypto adoption.

According to Pornhub, the number of reviews significantly underestimates the total transactions. Taking to Twitter to correct “฿iht Coign”, it noted that only a small proportion of people ever leave reviews.

Verge’s XVG is still trading below its pre-announcement levels, though it has recovered somewhat over the last 24 hours as sentiment in the community turns from disappointment to cautious optimism.

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