When Verge announced the “biggest partnership in cryptocurrency history” with MindGeek, PornHub’s customers were given the option to pay for content in Verge. Once PornHub also gave its performers the opportunity to get paid in XVG, it looked like Verge had the market sewn up. However, according to “VR Porn Pioneer” Anna Lee, PornHub is now experimenting with another cryptocurrency, the Vice Industry Token (VIT).

Lee has put a call out for “energetic girls who love to compete and are willing to go the extra mile to win” to participate in the “Pornhub Games”. All contestants will receive their usual fees, but prizes paid in VIT are available for the top three performers, with first place receiving $10,000 worth of the token.

Though currently unconfirmed, if Lee is to be believed then the Vice Industry Token will be the “Elite Sponsor” of the 2018 Pornhub awards, suggesting that the partnership between MindGeek and PornHub is not quite as exclusive as it might have first appeared. During the show itself “the winners of the top three categories” will also receive $10,000 of VIT.

Vice Industry Token has already demonstrated impressive headway into the industry. In March Playboy Enterprises announced that it would be launching a new online wallet which will support crypto payments, including VIT. They will also be using the token to pay users for interacting with their content. Penthouse too have a similar arrangement in place, described by Vice Industry CEO Stuart Duncan as “the next logical step for an iconic brand like Penthouse.

Stormy Daniels, recently seen advertising the Verge-Pornhub deal, has today added a VIT payment option to her personal website. That site is managed by Darkreach Communications, whose president, Rob Murray, said that integrating crypto was a “no brainer” and that “with VIT, everyone is going to make money – from the users on my sites, to myself and the performers.”

This ability for everyone to make money from a crypto-integration is something which Verge cannot currently offer. Though users benefit from increased privacy, and sites might therefore manage to gather more revenue, it does not fundamentally change the underlying business model.

Pornography is often a testbed for new technology and after a slow start it seems that the industry is now going all-in on cryptocurrency. How, or if, they manage to make it work will provide valuable lessons for all industries, even those without a need for “energetic girls who love to compete.”

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