One of the leading YouTubers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, The Crypto Lark, uploaded an interview with Anya Nova (Crypto Economist, Power Ledger) on Monday. The topic of conversation predominantly revolved around the Power Ledger team’s recent announcement introducing a first-of-its-kind, blockchain-enabled asset class dubbed Asset Germination Events (AGEs).

Although covered in the project’s whitepaper (see: section 5.5.7 on page 28), an October 23 announcement was the first time the Australia-domiciled Power Ledger introduced the community to the notion of an AGE in a direct, meaningful way.

When asked by The Crypto Lark to explain AGEs, Power Ledger’s Nova stated:

Asset Germination Event is an investment product that allows everyday people to invest in – and co-own – renewable energy infrastructure like solar farms, wind farms, and community-sized batteries.”

The introduction of AGEs – which Power Ledger hope can someday represent a potent “source of capital for renewable infrastructure” – comes amid a time whereby a significantly accelerated deployment of renewables is desperately needed, Nova explained.

Prior to the launch of Power Ledger’s first AGE – expected next year – Nova informed The Crypto Lark that a product disclosure statement (PDS) will be issued. This PDS will detail – amongst other things – how income generated by a renewable energy asset is distributed to AGE token holders, and what discount on the AGE market price is offered to owners of POWR – the ERC20-compliant utility token central to Power Ledger’s energy application platform.

We are proud to be launching the world’s first regulated crypto energy offering.” – Nova

A profiling of the entities that commit to conducting an AGE will also feature in the PDS, according to Nova. When asked of the degree to which renewable energy projects had expressed interest in the new blockchain-enabled asset class, Power Ledger’s Nova revealed they “definitely have a few lined up.”

Despite the conversation having largely covered AGE-related details, Monday’s interview touched upon various other Power Ledger-specific topics.

Mainly, these came in relation to Power Ledger’s recent win in the annual Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), along with updates vis-à-vis the real-world trials the energy blockchain startup is currently conducting in tandem with a variety of enterprises, government institutions and universities, globally.

For those wanting more on Power Ledger’s AGE model and/or project-specific updates, we encourage you to watch the full interview below.