Over the last week, several cryptocurrencies have surprised the market with their unusual volatility. Many of these assets have moved over 100% in less than a week. Will their good fortunes hold? Let’s take a look at how these coins are performing today, April 24, 2018.


Game.com (GTC) surged almost 700% over the last week, making it the single best performing digital asset this month. The massive surge was due to a combination of factors. Game.com will be running as TRON super-representative, and this coupled with its low float and small market cap sent prices soaring.

On April 6th, GTC reached a high of $0.45 before dropping to around $0.18 yesterday. Today, prices have staged an impressive recovery, up almost 30% in the last 24 hours for a per unit price of $0.25 and a market cap of $150 million. Game.com now occupies the 117th spot on Coinmarketcap.com, just under Cortex (CTXC).

Pundi X

Pundi X (NPXS) has grown an impressive 150% in just over a week based off two positive news catalysts. First, its development team announced a buyback of coins. Secondly, NPXS was listed on Coinrail, a South Korean exchange.

Today, it looks like the NPXS rally is over, and the coin is correcting downward. NPXS is down 4.72% against the USD to a per unit price of $0.00475 and a total market cap of $260 million.

Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) recently rallied over news that it had been added to the popular Ledger Nano S wallet. Over the last week, prices have risen around 88% to $55.30. The asset’s price action has been stable over the last week, locked in a consistent uptrend. Today, Bitcoin Private is down 0.56% to a market cap of $1.13 billion and the 25th position on Coinmarketcap.com. 

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