Pumapay is a free open-source blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment protocol that is meant to revolutionize the payments space. It aims to be a leader when it comes to helping businesses and merchants incorporate cryptocurrency payments into their operations, as well. Its protocol is called the “pull protocol” because of its unique nature.

While the world is used to sending and receiving payments, the “pull protocol” involves allowing the merchant to connect to the customer’s wallet. As a result, smart contracts can set the payment parameters, and allow/enable recurring payments, shared payments, and other customized payments, as well. Pumapay’s initial coin offering (ICO) was massively successful, as it was able to raise $117 million.

About Changelly

Pumapay is now teaming up with Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for “instant crypto conversion”. The company prides itself particularly on its exchange rates, and over 130 cryptocurrencies are listed on the platform, as well.

It is trusted by over 2 million customers, and counts notable cryptocurrency figure Charlie Shrem among its customers. In the last 24 hours as of press time, the platform boasted volume of over 550 Bitcoin (BTC):

Statements About Partnership

The CEO of Pumapay, Yaov Dror, stated: Changelly’s crypto-to-crypto conversion gives our users a much easier way to exchange their cryptos within the PumaPay app, ultimately saving them time and money.”

Ilya Bere, the CEO of Changelly, offered this statement:

PumaPay is another great example of how a combination of innovative blockchain technologies and familiar credit cards payment methods can facilitate the penetration of crypto into the everyday aspects of our lives, thus bringing new members to the global crypto community.”