In what may one day be reflected upon as a watershed 24-hour period for Pundi X – and its NPXS cryptocurrency – the Indonesian blockchain startup has announced two discrete announcements with fellow players in the crypto ecosystem, UTRUST (UTK) and the Genaro Network (GNX). Capping it off, Binance awarded Pundi X a free NPXS listing placement after it easily amassed the most votes in the leading cryptocurrency exchange’s latest ‘Community Coin of the Month’ competition.

UTRUST to Acquire 1,000 XPOS Devices

On Wednesday evening, it was revealed that UTRUST (UTK) – the world’s first payment platform for cryptocurrencies featuring instant payments and buyer protection – had committed to purchasing 1,000 XPOS devices; Pundi X’s most iconic product to date.

These physical point-of-sale XPOS devices are used by consumers for the sake of instantly converting their fiat money into one of many available cryptocurrencies, as well as for making in-store retail purchases at XPOS-equipped stores.

As for UTRUST, Pundi X has agreed to deploy the Swiss-based startup’s innovative purchase protection mechanism onto its devices and “use its technology for account settlements.”

On their decision to select UTRUST as their merchant payment settlement gateway, Zac Cheah (CEO, Co-Founder, Pundi X) explained that it grants Pundi X a “trusted provider for liquidity, but also for customer security.”

Notably, Pundi X divulged that, following the UTRUST agreement, the number of units of Pundi X technology that’s “been ordered for use by clients in global retail [is now] over 25,000.” Considering their three-year sales target of 100,000, the Indonesian crypto startup seems to be tracking along nicely.

XPOS Earns Security Upgrade via Genaro

As the second partnership announcement in as many days, Pundi X issued a statement on Thursday morning revealing that they’d paired with the Genaro Network (GNX) – creators of the world’s first dual-layer public blockchain and storage network; allowing for a secure and decentralized way to deploy smart contracts and store data.

The newly-formed partnership between Pundi X and Genaro will see the XPOS devices soon be able to make use of Genaro’s decentralized storage technology for the sake of processing transactions.

Additionally, the crypto token underpinning Genaro’s ecosystem, GNX, will be added to the suite of cryptocurrencies already compatible with Pundi X’s point-of-sale device.

The announcement further revealed that “Pundi X retailers will also be able to choose Genaro Eden…as their data service provider to ensure that their customers’ transaction data remains secure and private.” Genaro Eden is a decentralized cloud storage platform designed to store data; created by the Genaro Network and Storj Labs.

Community Gets NPXS Onto Binance

In what was already a stellar week for the Pundi X team, Binance announced on Wednesday that the NPXS token was the winner (i.e., 41.8% of total votes) of the seventh instalment of their ‘Community Coin of the Month’ competition.

As their prize, Binance awarded the Indonesian crypto company a free listing placement on their world-class exchange. Binance’s Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) markets were paired with Pundi X’s token (i.e., NPXS/BTC and NPXS/ETH), and trading went live at 2:00 AM (UTC) on Thursday.

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