Qtum Blockchain Gets Bodhi Helping Hand; Announces Qx, QDex, Qrypto

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Bodhi (BOT), the first-ever decentralized app (dApp) to be built atop the Qtum blockchain, has announced on Tuesday that they will collaborate alongside Qtum to create three projects; all of which are designed to enhance the Qtum ecosystem and, by extension, the QTUM virtual token (a top-20 cryptocurrency by market cap).

Tuesday’s official statement noted that “the code of all of these projects will be fully open source.” Then, Bodhi went on to detail the three new projects – Qx, QDex, and Qrypto – that they’ll be working on alongside Qtum.

Qx: Decentralized Transaction Protocol

Bodhi, the decentralized trading platform focussed on financial derivatives, revealed their intentions to “support the trading of digital assets based on Qtum.” To accelerate the time it takes to realize substantial trading volume, Bodhi will take to developing Qx; a decentralized transaction protocol that’s based on Qtum.

QDex: Decentralized Token Exchange

So as to “facilitate Qtum and Bodhi community users to complete QRC token transactions with an intuitive and concise interface and user experience,” it was revealed that the Bodhi Foundation would support the development of decentralized exchanges that choose to build atop the Qtum blockchain.

Qrypto: Browser Wallet Management Plugin

Likening it to MetaMask, the Qrypto browser plugin – which will be created by both Bodhi and Qtum – is aiming to exist as an “entry-level application” that functions as a bridge between the blockchain and dApps.

It’s worth highlighting that all of Qx, QDex, and Qrypto will not directly affect the price of BOT. The reason that Bodhi agreed to commit resources to helping Qtum, then, is because it will enhance the ecosystem that underpins Qtum; a blockchain dApp platform renowned for its X86 Virtual Machine. An improved Qtum protocol helps attract more users, meaning more potential interest comes the way of Bodhi (the first Qtum dApp).

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