Recently we reported that the Qtum blockchain was to be powering a decentralized electricity network thanks to a partnership with Energo Labs. We also reported that Qtum’s first decentralized app, Bodhi, was up and running. Well, now it’s time for their first blockchain-powered video-game, and it’s a world-first in it’s own right.

QTUM Heroes is an online arena player-vs-player game which rewards players for victorious competitive play in Qtum tokens, which can then be used to add value to their Heroes in various ways. It is the first interactive player vs. player game to run on a blockchain, ever.

The game differs quite significantly to other blockchain games currently playable, such as CryptoKitties and Etherbots, in that the gameplay is not purely driven by the exchange of collectibles. QTUM Heroes is a fully interactive player-vs-player game where players choose a Hero and then fight in one of several online arenas. A victory in any one arena will grant trophies, which adds value to the Hero, which can then be traded on digital asset marketplaces.

In essence, the better you are at the game, the more value your Hero has, which can then be improved, traded or sold on the Qtum-powered marketplace for profit.

What is perhaps most relevant to investors is the game studio behind QTUM Heroes – Mob Arts. One of their previous games released in 2013, House of Heroes, is revered as one of the most successful mobile games ever released into the Asian markets.

Tencent, the Chinese multinational investment conglomerate specializing in Internet services and products, took immediate notice of House of Heroes and launched it across every one of their digital media platforms, even though it was developed by a third party. It was the first time a third-party game had been released on all Tencent platforms.

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