In welcoming news for supporters of Quantstamp (QSP), CEO Richard Ma today revealed that the audit-centric cryptocurrency has gained admission to the exclusive Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), a funding vehicle that was established just earlier this year by some of the most promising names in the crypto space, with the help of Japanese VC firm, Global Brain.

Whilst nothing has been officially communicated just yet (at least via the Twitter accounts of Quantstamp and the ECF (who follow Quantstamp)), an observant Redditor shared with r/Quantstamp on Tuesday that the chief executive had just revealed that:

I’m excited to announce that Quantstamp has joined the Ethereum Community Fund alongside OmiseGO, Golem, and Cosmos to support infrastructure growth in the Ethereum ecosystem!”

The other cryptoasset ICOs that were involved in the ECF’s founding (i.e., not mentioned by Ma) are MakerDAO (MKR) and Raiden (RDN).

Along with Global Brain, the five Ethereum-based cryptoassets recently pooled together Ether, ERC20 tokens and some financial holdings in order to create a grant fund. Its total exceeded US$100 million when launched in February (but is likely worth far less now), and it’s planned to be used by the ECF on up-and-coming projects they believe can strengthen the Ethereum ecosystem.

Importantly for Quantstamp, the ICOs that founded ECF have since come out and announced several collaborative partnerships, and so with QSP today being added to the ECF (not definitively confirmed), one can’t help but wonder if one (or more) of OMG, GNT, COSMOS, MKR, or RDN has seen something in QSP that they believe will enhance the value of their own network (and they for QSP).

Indeed, in April alone we’ve seen OmiseGO team up with Cosmos (i.e. the creator of Tendermint) to execute a ‘hard spoon’. Today also, news emerged that MakerDAO and OmiseGO had partnered in a two-pronged announcement which promises to not only enhance the imminent OMG decentralized exchange, but also the options offered to users who wish to create Maker’s stablecoin, Dai (which requires collateralization). Preceding this was significant news from fellow ECF co-founder, Golem, who launched their Brass Beta into mainnet (not before some suspicious $GNT behaviour).

Tuesday marked further news for Quantstamp, as Ma also shared that QSP is “thrilled to be part of the Blockfolio Signal Beta to share updates with you as they happen.”

The crypto market is certainly loving the news, as QSP is currently up 16 percent over the past 24 hours (~60% of volume via Binance).

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