Refereum Inc., a San Francisco-headquartered startup using blockchain technology to create an equitable referral ecosystem, has landed a high-calibre recruit to help bolster the ability of its Refereum platform to overhaul the disjointed referral marketing model present in various industries like video gaming, for example.

Indeed, a Wednesday announcement issued by Refereum declared the hiring of David Park as Refereum’s chief operating officer (COO). Regarding his responsibilities, Refereum’s post stated that Park “will oversee product, sales and operational functions.”

Refereum COO Parks Advisory Role

For Park, the Refereum project is nothing foreign. Yes, earlier in the year he joined Refereum as an advisor.

The desire of Park to become a full-time contributor to Refereum certainly reads as a glowing endorsement for the Californian tech company. This is particularly so when one considers the fact that Park has previously advised numerous cryptocurrency projects such as Quantstamp (QSP), Carry Protocol (CRE), and Bee Token (BEE). And yet, unlike Refereum, none of these startups inspired Park to forgo his advisory role so as to double down and shoulder additional responsibilities.

Farewell, Facebook

To highlight just how much of a boon the recruitment of Park represents for Refereum – who recently had their ERC20-compliant token, RFR, listed on various top-tier crypto exchanges like Bibox, Bittrex, and Upbit – Wednesday’s announcement detailed his admirable corporate and academic background.

After obtaining a JD from Harvard Law School and BS in Computer Science from MIT, Park has gone on to accumulate over twenty years of corporate experience. This has featured positions at McKinsey & Company, Facebook, the Boston Consulting Group, and Nextdoor.

At the second of his stints at Facebook, Park led the product team of a multi-billion-dollar ad business within Facebook – a smartphone app called Install Ads; the world’s largest user-acquisition channel for mobile apps.

Regarding how a startup in the nascent blockchain space managed to onboard talent as exemplary as Park’s, it appears the sheer potential for Refereum to upend the extant referral marketing model proved too exciting for him to disregard:

Refereum has created a game-changing system that allows people to earn tokens for simply doing what they love to do! Based on my work at Facebook, I know that referrals are the most effective way to acquire new users. And Refereum has created a world-class system for measuring and rewarding referrals.”

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