The Singapore-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange,, revealed on Tuesday evening (PT) that they would be adding ten new USD trading pairs to their growing trading platform.

Short for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, COSS revealed – via this tweet – that the ten cryptoassets scheduled for integration with their exchange are: EOS (EOS), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ZenCash (ZEN), Lisk (LSK), Ark Ecosystem (ARK), Waves Platform (WAVES), Dash (DASH), OmiseGo (OMG), ICON (ICX), and NEM (XEM).

Something to note, however, is that despite COSS being in the minority regarding their ability to facilitate USD-to-crypto trading, they have in place a minimum deposit of $US1,000 for the time being.

Tuesday’s announcement from COSS – who administer their own self-titled virtual token – comes amid a pivotal stage for the low-volume exchange. This past weekend, they issued a press statement declaring the start of a transitionary period toward COSS 2.0.

Whilst they listed over a dozen features that users can expect from COSS 2.0, the team was reluctant to share any sort of timeline. Encouragingly, however, COSS did promise that “over the next few months,” they’d publish content that explores these features.

Such publications will be much-anticipated, one would suspect, given the impressive suite of functions C.O.S.S Pte Ltd is alleging COSS 2.0 will be capable of offering before too long. Indeed, here are just some of these stated features:

Crypto dust conversion

New wallet system

1.5 million transactions per second (TPS) at launch

Full set of public and private APIs

Basket trading

TPS scaling built into the infrastructural back end

The human capital that the crypto-startup has at their disposal is more than ever before. Per the above-mentioned announcement, the core team totalled five members upon launch (i.e., April 1st, 2017). As of this month, that number has near-quadrupled to nineteen, and they are expecting to soon be payrolling “a team of more than thirty developers working on COSS 2.0.”

At the COSSroads?

Per CoinCheckup, COSS – an ERC20 token built atop the Ethereum blockchain – is in severe free fall, trading at a price (USD) representative of a 95.5 percent decrease from its all-time high. COSS currently has a market cap of $15.9 million – ranking it the 350th most valued cryptocurrency. Its exchange is currently ranked 126th overall for 24-hour trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

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