Ripple (XRP) Launch $50 million University Blockchain Research Initiative

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Ripple (XRP) seems to be on a charitable donation role, with story after story of funds being set up and allocated to educational causes. Ashton Kutcher appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show barely two weeks ago – shocking the host and audience by donating $4 million worth of XRP to her Wildlife Fund. And now Ripple is at it again, setting up a significant $50 million fund for university research into blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Tweeting this morning, the company announced their flagship research fund. Over 17 global institutions are already eligible, including University College London, MIT, Stanford and the Australian National University. The significance of these global academic powerhouse partnerships cannot be overstated. In a statement from Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Global Operations at Ripple, he explains why the 3rd most valuable cryptocurrency has decided to take this step:

The University Blockchain Research Initiative is an acknowledgement of the vital importance of the unique role universities will play in advancing our understanding and application of cryptography and blockchain technology. It also speaks to the reality that university graduates will fuel a continually evolving and maturing financial marketplace and workforce.’

Universities who accept funding will determine their own research topics and at the same time will ‘partner’ with Ripple – focusing on the collaboration of technical development and research, creating new, relevant blockchain and cryptocurrency curriculum, stimulating and shaping academic discussion. By investing in research and building academic links and partnerships, Ripple are cementing their continued relevancy within the cryptocurrency ecosystem whilst also futureproofing their technology.

Despite general market setbacks, such examples of foundation and educational investment are an exciting and forward-thinking approach to securing the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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