Ripple (XRP) Secures Five New Clients for xVia API

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Ripple announced earlier today that their xVia API, which provides all benefits of the RippleNet, has successfully attracted 5 new clients from Europe and Asia.

FairFX, RationalFX and Exchange4Free from the United Kingdom, UniPAY from Georgia and Malaysian MoneyMatch will all now have access to Ripple’s proprietary technology.

The xVIA API on the RippleNet is specifically designed to benefit the payment originators — companies who send money on behalf of a customer as opposed to those who pay and process transactions.

By joining the network each company is able to access new markets and provide customers with greater speed and efficiency, a significant advantage in such a competitive sector.

This is the latest partnership in a string of deals announced by the blockchain-based payments solution firm. Most notable of late is Santander’s proposed launch of an international money transfer app powered by Ripple.

While the use of it’s Ripple network has seen widespread adoption by international financial institutions, the blockchain itself has seen much greater interest from banks and other monetary services than the native token, XRP.

The development of the xRapid project aims to increase the use of the XRP token by the traditional banking sector, pitched as a means of decreasing liquidity costs when processing international remittances.

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