VeChain’s upcoming mainnet, VeChainThor, will soon serve as the the protocol upon which Safe Haven (SHA) runs on, according to news broken on Sunday confirming their decision to move their project off of the Ethereum network. Whilst not explicitly stated, it’s likely that Ethereum’s scalability concerns were partly responsible for Safe Haven’s decision to move.

In an announcement issued by the VeChain Foundation (click here for Safe Haven’s corresponding, lengthier statement), they confirmed that “after reviewing [Safe Haven’s] technology, network, and background,” it became apparent that the Singaporean crypto startup – who are building cutting-edge security and continuity solutions for inheritance, asset distribution, and asset control – could indeed add “true value” to the soon-to-be-released VeChainThor blockchain.

Overall, partnering with Safe Haven “will allow users access to a host of necessary solutions for continuity,” the VeChain Foundation indicated.

Safe Haven resolves the question that everyone should be considering: how would your loved ones and partners gain proper access to your digital legacy when you are gone?” – VeChain Foundation

VeChain’s announcement went on to provide readers with an overview of what Safe Haven – and its SHA crypto token – offers prospective clients and investors. Here, they explained the following four products that Safe Haven are developing: The Family Circle Plan (TFC), the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Investment Circle, and Safe Haven Vault. Beyond Sunday’s announcement, readers can learn more information about Safe Haven and its suite of offerings by viewing their (unofficial) whitepaper.

As to how far along Safe Haven is with their development, the VeChain Foundation revealed that “the Safe Haven Family Circle Distribution Protocol is already being tested on the Ropsten network as of the end of May.” Regarding any other “protection plans,” the Foundation suggested that “the team will implement [them] into their platform very soon.”

Sunday’s press release went on to state that Safe Haven’s developers “are currently preparing their alpha release,” which will then go live once “the mainnet of the VeChainThor Blockchain” is ready.

Although Safe Haven has already conducted a pre-ICO and private sale of their SHA virtual tokens, the VeChain Foundation interestingly added that “the dates to begin the VET private and public offerings will be announced at a later date.” Per their website, Safe Haven states that public ICO dates “will be announced soon.”

Another noteworthy titbit came via Sunday’s above-mentioned Safe Haven announcement, who “pledge[d] through the facilitation of VeChain Foundation, to enable VeChain X-Node holders to have methods to achieve different tiers of rights of purchase and discounts.”

To commemorate Sunday’s milestone, Safe Haven published the below teaser video:

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